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What we do:

Hi! We are a family-owned vegan Asian food provider. We sell our products in stores all over Ontario, and locally we do events where we serve hot food. We try to do events on a regular basis so come back often to check, or follow one of our social media platforms. We currently live in a basement kitchen of the Congregation Machzikei Hadas, which is a synagogue. Therefore, all the events we do within this facility is certified Kosher.  

Our Story: 

My parent's owned a Chinese take-out restaurant for many years and before that a Chinese buffet restaurant. They have since retired and only recently have I convinced them to help me develop the eggless and meatless eggroll. I wanted something to taste just like the eggroll they used to make but without egg and meat. After many prototypes, this eggroll was born, and we named it Yugiroll to differentiate it from the eggroll. As we were selling them at first from our home, YUGI rolls stood for “Your Underground Impossible” Rolls. Also, my fake WWF-type wrestling name in high school was also “Yugi Eggroll”. Thinking back, I am not sure why I decided on such an internalized racial name?

Since the Yugiroll, my parents remade some of their other restaurant favourites plant-based as well. As a result, this business now exists and we will continually try to recreate the food I used to love before I went vegan and to better some of the vegan offerings I see now available in Ottawa

To learn more about us, check out our radio features on CBC Now or Never, and CBC In Town and Out.

Other Things We Do...

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