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  • How can I buy your food?
    Hi! We are a commercial kitchen food service and not a restaurant in the traditional sense and therefore you can buy our food by... UberEats Preorder Events - announce periodically with special items Frozen products from our online "Store". We are a Vegan Kosher Chinese Food Service located in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Do any stores carry your products?
    Our products can be found: 1. Little Jo Berry's - 1305 Wellington St. West. (delivery available) 2. Keepin' It Vegan Bakery - 3 Chartwell Ave, Nepean, ON K2G 4K3. (delivery available) 3. All six Natural Food Pantry locations in Ottawa. 4. Daughter's General Store - 63 John Street Kingston, Ontario K7K 1S8 5. Sweet Ofelia Cafe & Market - 52 King St E, Brockville, ON K6V 1B1 We are a Vegan Kosher Chinese Food Service located in Ottawa.
  • Allergy to peanuts, sesame, nuts and Gluten?
    We do not use peanuts. We use sesame oil and sometimes sesame seeds. Gluten-Free is marked on food items, however it was made in a kitchen with gluten items so there is a chance for contamination. Rolls that are gluten-free may be deep-fried in same oil as the rest. We use almonds.
  • Do you take special requests for food allergies?
    Yes, we can accommodate to the best of our abilities, but it really depends. If it is feasible, and easy to do - no problem. If it means changing our recipe, in order to tailor it to your needs, this would need further discussion for feasibility, time, and cost. It could mean in most cases, we can do it but you have to buy a whole custom batch size.
  • Do we use MSG?
    Yes, absolutely. MSG is taste, it is Umami. We use it conservatively, but it is in everything and therefore we cannot accommodate no MSG requests. Here is a video on what MSG is:
  • Do you Cater?
    Yes, Ask us for our catering menu.
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